Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Maiden Voyage - May 2013

We had a chance to get away in Brian for the first time during the May Bank Holiday weekend. Our friends booked a campsite near Newent called Pelerine Camping for us and themselves in their tent.

We left around mid afternoon on the Friday and then spent four hours driving while the satnav diverted around accidents and traffic jams. We also had an unplanned stop in Evesham while I put the fridge door back on after it slung its contents and then itself onto the floor of the van as I enthusiastically negotiated a roundabout.

When we did get there setting up was quick and didn't disrupt our cocktail hour too much. The BBQ worked fine off the new external gas outlet and we roasted a chicken for dinner in it.

No picture of the chicken dinner but here's our cocktails.
We ended up sat in the van when we got too noisy to be outside it and four of us around the table was comfortable enough. Can't say I remember going to bed but I must have slept well as it was gone nine when I woke up. I gave the facility's a good work out and the shower and bog worked well.

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