Saturday, 27 April 2013

Taking The Power Outside

When we're away we tend to do all the cooking outside on a BBQ and a small single ring electric hot plate.  So seeing as this van isn't as pretty as our old one and I wasn't too bothered about having things stuck on it's side I bought a few bits made by Bullfinch.

A Gas Outlet, an Electric Outlet and a Shower Outlet.  The first three in the picture below.

So last Saturday armed with a big hole cutter I did this.

This is what the walls are made of, a skin of aluminium sheet, polystyrene and the vinyl faced ply.

The outlets all ended up inside the cupboard under the sink where theres 240v, gas and hot/cold water.  Which was handy.

So this was what it ended up like.  Took all day with a lot of swearing while having my head and arms stuck in a cupboard while lying on my back.  Great fun.

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  1. That was a stroke of luck, them all coming out under the sink!!


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