Full Map TGE 2016

A map showing all our overnight stops. As ever it's a work in progress.....

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  1. Hello Kev and Liz.

    I've been enjoying following your travels for some time now. I assume you're back by now? Any plans for more?

    Thanks for sharing all your stops. I'm a big fan of Google Maps and continue to encourage others to do likewise. I have done with yours what I have done with others', and transferred it to the Maps.me app (highly recommended) with the most important advantage that it is usable offline (unlike Google Maps :( ).
    To my surprise, the attached photos also transfer (most peoples don't), which means you must be doing something different. Perhaps you can tell me how exactly and in what format do you add your photos to each position? Thanks for your help.

    I'll 'trade you' a couple of our maps:

    Peter, Elaine (and Heidi Hymer)


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